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NAVE: Pavilion
EBD: Pavilion


Pavilion [nave]

See: Tabernacle.

Pavilion [ebd]

a tent or tabernacle (2 Sam. 22:12; 1 Kings 20:12-16), or enclosure (Ps. 18:11; 27:5). In Jer. 43:10 it probably denotes the canopy suspended over the judgement-seat of the king.

PAVILION [smith]

a temporary movable tent or habitation.
  1. Soc , properly an enclosed place, also rendered "tabernacle," "covert" and "den;" once only "pavilion." (Psalms 27:5) (Among the Egyptians pavilions were built in a similar style to houses, though on a smaller scale in various parts of the country, and in the foreign districts through which the Egyptian armies passed, for the use of the king --Wilkinson .)
  2. Succah , Usually "tabernacle" and "booth."
  3. Shaphrur and shaphrir , a word used once only, in (Jeremiah 49:10) to signify glory or splendor, and hence probably to be understood of the splendid covering of the royal throne.


PAVILION - pa-vil'-yun: A covered place, booth, tent, in which a person may be kept hid or secret (cokh, Ps 27:5; cukkah--the usual term--Ps 31:20), or otherwise be withdrawn from view. The term is used with reference to God (2 Sam 22:12; Ps 18:11); to kings drinking in privacy (1 Ki 20:12,16); the Revised Version (British and American) gives "pavilion" for the King James Version "tabernacle" in Job 36:29; Isa 4:6; while in Nu 25:8 it substitutes this word, with the margin "alcove," for the King James Version "tent" (qubbah), and Jer 43:10, for "royal pavilion" (shaphrur), reads in the margin "glittering pavilion."

James Orr

Lihat definisi kata "Pavilion" dalam Studi Kata

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