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HEBREW: 1586 rmg Gomer
NAVE: Gomer
EBD: Gomer


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to finish; complete

son of Japheth son of Noah
son of Japheth; father of Ashkenaz, Riphath, & Togarmah clans
a nation; probably the Cimmerians of eastern Asia Minor (OS)
daughter of Diblaim; wife of Hosea


Gomer: selebihnya..
Topik: Portraits of Gomer, Wife of Hosea


Strongs #01586: rmg Gomer

Gomer = "complete"

n pr m
1) the eldest son of Japheth and grandson of Noah; the progenitor of
the early Cimmerians and other branches of the Celtic family

n pr f
2) the unfaithful wife of the prophet Hosea; Hosea's relationship
with her was symbolic of God's relationship with wayward Israel

1586 Gomer go'-mer

from 1584; completion; Gomer, the name of a son of Japheth and of his descendants; also of a Hebrewess: KJV -- Gomer.
see HEBREW for 01584

Gomer [nave]

1. Son of Japheth, Gen. 10:2, 3; 1 Chr. 1:5, 6.
2. A people descended from Gomer, Ezek. 38:6.
3. Wife, or concubine, of Hosea, Hos. 1:3.

Gomer [ebd]

complete; vanishing. (1.) The daughter of Diblaim, who (probably in vision only) became the wife of Hosea (1:3).

(2.) The eldest son of Japheth, and father of Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah (Gen. 10:2, 3), whose descendants formed the principal branch of the population of South-eastern Europe. He is generally regarded as the ancestor of the Celtae and the Cimmerii, who in early times settled to the north of the Black Sea, and gave their name to the Crimea, the ancient Chersonesus Taurica. Traces of their presence are found in the names Cimmerian Bosphorus, Cimmerian Isthmus, etc. In the seventh century B.C. they were driven out of their original seat by the Scythians, and overran western Asia Minor, whence they were afterwards expelled. They subsequently reappear in the times of the Romans as the Cimbri of the north and west of Europe, whence they crossed to the British Isles, where their descendants are still found in the Gaels and Cymry. Thus the whole Celtic race may be regarded as descended from Gomer.

GOMER [smith]

  1. The eldest son of Japheth, (Genesis 10:2,3) the progenitor of the early Cimmerians, of the later Cimbri and the other branches of the Celtic family, and of the modern Gael and Cymri.
  2. The wife of Hosea. (Hosea 1:3)

GOMER (1) [isbe]

GOMER (1) - go'-mer (gomer): Given in Gen 10:2 f; 1 Ch 1:5 f as a son of Japheth. The name evidently designates the people called Gimirra by the Assyrians, Kimmerians by the Greeks. They were a barbaric horde of Aryans who in the 7th century BC left their abode in what is now Southern Russia and poured. through the Caucasus into Western Asia, causing serious trouble to the Assyrians and other nations. One division moved eastward toward Media, another westward, where they conquered Cappadocia and made it their special abode. They fought also in other parts of Asia Minor, conquering some portions. The Armenian name for Cappadocia, Gamir, has come from this people. In Ezek 38:6 Gomer is mentioned as one of the northern nations.

George Ricker Berry

GOMER (2) [isbe]

GOMER (2) - go'-mer (gomer; Gamer): Wife of Hosea. Hosea married Gomer according to Divine appointment, and this was the beginning of God's word to him (Hos 1:3; 3:1-4). She was to be a wife of whoredom and they were to have children of whoredom. This need not mean that at the time of marriage she was thus depraved, but she had the evil taint in her blood, had inherited immoral instincts. These soon manifested themselves, and the unfaithful, depraved wife of the prophet went deeper into sin. She seems to have left him and become the slave of her paramour (Hos 3:1). Hosea is now commanded by Yahweh to buy her back, paying the price of the ordinary slave. The prophet keeps her in confinement and without a husband for some time. This experience of the prophet was typical of Israel's unfaithfulness, of Israel's exile, and of God bringing her back after the punishment of the exile.


J. J. Reeve.

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