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NAVE: Dulcimer
EBD: Dulcimer


Dulcimer [nave]

Dan. 3:5, 10, 15.
See: Music, Instruments of.

Dulcimer [ebd]

(Heb. sumphoniah), a musical instrument mentioned in Dan. 3:5, 15, along with other instruments there named, as sounded before the golden image. It was not a Jewish instrument. In the margin of the Revised Version it is styled the "bag-pipe." Luther translated it "lute," and Grotius the "crooked trumpet." It is probable that it was introduced into Babylon by some Greek or Western-Asiatic musician. Some Rabbinical commentators render it by "organ," the well-known instrument composed of a series of pipes, others by "lyre." The most probable interpretation is that it was a bag-pipe similar to the zampagna of Southern Europe.

DULCIMER [smith]

(Heb. sumphoniah) a musical instrument, mentioned in (Daniel 3:5,15) probably the bagpipe. The same instrument is still in use amongst peasants in the northwest of Asia and in southern Europe, where it is known by the similar name sampogna or zampogna.


DULCIMER - dul'-si-mer.

See MUSIC under Nebhel and Sumphonia.

Lihat definisi kata "Dulcimer" dalam Studi Kata

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