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EBD: Causeway


Causeway [ebd]

a raised way, an ascent by steps, or a raised slope between Zion and the temple (1 Chr. 26:16, 18). In 2 Chr. 9:11 the same word is translated "terrace."


CAUSEWAY; CAUSEY - koz'-wa, ko'-zi (more correctly ): This word occurs in 1 Ch 26:16,18 for the Hebrew mecillah; Septuagint pastophorion tes anabaseos. In 2 Ch 9:11 the word is translated "terraces" (Septuagint anabaseis). Compare BDB, under the word, where mecilloth, is an error for mic`adhoth (1 Ki 10:12). In all the above passages reference is made to a series or flight of steps leading up into the temple. The word also signifies a prepared, traveled road, as in Nu 20:19; Jdg 20:31 f,45; 1 Sam 6:12; 2 Sam 20:12 f; 2 Ki 18:17 (Isa 36:2); Isa 7:3; 11:16; 19:23; 33:8; 40:3; 49:11; Jer 31:21.

Figurative: In Isa 59:7 the word (mecillah) occurs in a figurative sense, so also in Jdg 5:20; Prov 16:17.

W. N. Stearns

Lihat definisi kata "Causeway" dalam Studi Kata

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