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GREEK: 2802 Klauda Klaude
NAVE: Clauda
EBD: Clauda


Dalam versi-versi Alkitab:

Clauda: NASB
an island in the Mediterranean sea southwest of Crete

a lamentable voice
Peta Google: Cauda (34° 50´, 24° 5´);
OpenBible: (Flickr/Panoramio) Cauda


Strongs #2802: Klauda Klaude

Clauda = "lame"

1) a small island nearly due west of Cape Malta on the south coast
of Crete, and nearly due south of Phoenice

2802 Klaude klow'-day

of uncertain derivation; Claude, an island near Crete: KJV -- Clauda.

CAUDA [smith]

(Acts 27:16) The form given in the Revised Version to Clauda , an island south of Crete. It bears a closer relation to the modern name Gaudonesi of the Greek, the Gauda of P. Mela. (Clauda . --ED.)

CLAUDA [smith]

(lame), (Acts 27:16) a small island nearly due west of Cape Matala on the south coast of Crete, and nearly due south of Phoenice; now Gozzo .

CAUDA [isbe]

CAUDA - ko'-da (Kauda; also called Klauda; the King James Version Clauda; the modern Greek name Gaudho supports the form Cauda): An island 23 miles West of Cape Matala. It is a small island, and can never have supported a large population, or have been of any importance. Its elevation to the rank of a bishopric in Byzantine times must have been due to its association with the voyage of Paul. The ship with Paul on board was driven under the lee of Cauda (Acts 27:16); in the calm water south of the island the crew succeeded in hauling in the boat, undergirding the ship and slackening sail.

W. M. Calder

CLAUDA [isbe]

CLAUDA - klo'-da.


Clauda [nave]

CLAUDA, an island near Crete, Acts 27:16.

Clauda [ebd]

a small island off the southwest coast of Crete, passed by Paul on his voyage to Rome (Acts 27:16). It is about 7 miles long and 3 broad. It is now called Gozzo (R.V., "Cauda").

Lihat definisi kata "Cauda" dalam Studi Kata

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