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CONVICT; CONVICTION - kon-vikt', kon-vik'-shun (elegcho and compounds, "to prove guilty"): Usual translation of English Versions of the Bible, where the King James Version has "convince," as in Jn 8:46; Tit 1:9; Jas 2:9; once also replacing the King James Version "reprove" (Jn 16:8), while the Revised Version (British and American) changes the King James Version "convince" into "reprove" in 1 Cor 14:24. It always implies the presentation of evidence. It is a decision presumed to be based upon a careful and discriminating consideration of all the proofs offered, and has a legal character, the verdict being rendered either in God's judgment (Rom 3:19), or before men (Jn 8:46) by an appeal to their consciences in which God's law is written (Rom 2:15). Since such conviction is addressed to the heart of the guilty, as well as concerning him externally, the word "reprove" is sometimes substituted. To "convict .... in respect of righteousness, and of judgment" (Jn 16:8), refers to the conviction of the inadequacy and perversity of the ordinary, natural standards of righteousness and judgment, and the approval of those found in Christ, by the agency of the Holy Spirit, as the great interpreter and applier of the work of Christ.

H. E. Jacobs

Conviction [nave]

Of Sin
Gen. 4:13; Deut. 28:65-67; Job 40:4, 5; Psa. 31:10; Psa. 38:1-22; Psa. 51:1-4, 7-17; Isa. 6:5; Lam. 1:20; Ezek. 7:16-18, 25, 26; Ezek. 33:10; Mic. 7:17; Luke 5:8; Acts 2:37; Acts 9:6; Acts 16:29, 30; Rom. 2:15; 1 Cor. 14:24, 25 See: Sin, Confession of.
Instances of
Adam and Eve, after their disobedience, Gen. 3:8-10.
Joseph's brethren, on account of their cruelty to Joseph, Gen. 42:21, 22; 44:16; 45:3; 50:15-21.
Pharaoh: After the plague of hail, Ex. 9:27, 28; the plague of locusts, Ex. 10:16, 17; the death of the firstborn, Ex. 12:31.
The Israelites: After being rebuked and punished for worshiping the golden calf, Ex. 33:4; the death of the ten spies, and their being sentenced to wander forty years, Num. 14:39, 40; their complaining against God and being bitten by fiery serpents, Num. 21:7.
Saul, after sparing Agag and the best of the spoils, 1 Sam. 15:24.
David, after the pestilence sent on account of his numbering the people, 1 Chr. 21:30.
See: Psalms, Prayers of Repentance.
Widow of Zarephath, when her son died, 1 Kin. 17:18.
Belshazzar, when he "saw the part of the hand that wrote,'' Dan. 5:6.
Darius, when Daniel was in the lions' den. Dan. 6:18.
Mariners: After casting Jonah into the sea, Jonah 1:16; at the preaching of Jonah, Jonah 3; Matt. 12:41; Luke 11:32.
Jonah, in the great fish's, Jonah 2.
Herod, when he heard of the fame of Jesus, Matt. 14:2; Mark 6:14; Luke 9:7.
Jews, when Jesus commanded the guiltless man to cast the first stone at the woman taken in adultery, John 8:9.
Judas, after his betrayal of Jesus, Matt. 27:3-5.
Saul of Tarsus, when he saw Jesus on the way to Damascus, Acts 9:4-18.
Felix, under the preaching of Paul, Acts 24:25.
Philippian jailer, after the earthquake, Acts 16:30.
See: Wicked.
From God
Job 33:14-30; John 6:44, 45; John 16:7-11; Acts 16:14 See: Penitents; Remorse; Repentance; Sin, Confession of.
of Iocent Persons: See: Accusation, False; Indictments.

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