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NAVE: Armory


Armory [nave]

A place for the storage of armor, Neh. 3:19; Song 4:4; Isa. 22:8; 39:2.
In different parts of the kingdom, 1 Kin. 10:17; 2 Chr. 11:12.
See: Jerusalem.
Jer. 50:25.

ARMORY [isbe]

ARMORY - ar'-mer-i: (1) ('otsar; thesauros): A storehouse (1 Ki 7:51; Neh 10:38), but employed figuratively of the stored-up anger of Yahweh which breaks forth in judgments (Jer 50:25). (2) (nesheq): Identical with Solomon's "house of the forest of Lebanon," the arsenal close to the temple (1 Ki 10:17; Neh 3:19; Isa 22:8), in which were stored the shields and targets of beaten gold. (3) (talpiyoth): A puzzling word rendered "armory" in our versions (Song 4:4)--"the tower of David builded for an armory, whereon there hang a thousand bucklers, all shields of mighty men." the Revised Version margin renders "builded with turrets."

T. Nicol.

Lihat definisi kata "Armory" dalam Studi Kata

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