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Daniel 12

Daniel : the prophet who wrote the book of Daniel,son of David and Abigail,head of clan (Ithamar Levi) who pledged to obey God's law,prophet who wrote the book of Daniel

Mikhael : a chief angel; an archangel,father of Sethur, of Asher, who helped spy out Canaan,son of Abihail; a founding father of one of the clans of Gad,son of Jeshishai of the tribe of Gad,son of Baaseiah, of Gershom of Levi; ancestor of Asaph,son of Izrahiah of Issachar,son of Beriah of Benjamin,one of Saul's commanders from Manasseh who defected to David,a man of Issachar in Saul and David's time. The father of Omri, who was the officer over the tribe of Issachar.,son of king Jehoshaphat,father of Zebadiah who lead the Shephatiah Clan back from exile,an angel

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