xulon <3586>

xulon xulon

Asal Mula:from another form of the base of 3582
Referensi:TDNT - 5:37,665
Jenis Kata:n n (noun neuter)
Dalam Yunani:xula 1, xulon 5, xulou 8, xulw 1, xulwn 5
Dalam TB:kayu salib 5, pentung 5, kayu 4, pohon-pohon 3, pohon 2, pasungan 1
Dalam AV:tree 10, staff 5, wood 3, stocks 1
Definisi : ou [neuter] kayu; pohon; pentung; salib; belenggu untuk kaki (dibuat dari kayu Kis 16.24)
kayu, kayu salib, pentung, pohon
1) wood
1a) that which is made of wood
1a1) as a beam from which any one is suspended, a gibbet, a cross
1a2) a log or timber with holes in which the feet, hands, neck
of prisoners were inserted and fastened with thongs
1a3) a fetter, or shackle for the feet
1a4) a cudgel, stick, staff
2) a tree

from another form of the base of 3582; timber (as fuel or material); by implication, a stick, club or tree or other wooden article or substance: KJV -- staff, stocks, tree, wood.
see GREEK for 3582
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