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Yesaya 47:6-7


47:6 I was angry at my people;

I defiled my special possession

and handed them over to you.

You showed them no mercy; 1 

you even placed a very heavy burden on old people. 2 

47:7 You said,

‘I will rule forever as permanent queen!’ 3 

You did not think about these things; 4 

you did not consider how it would turn out. 5 

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[47:6]  1 tn Or “compassion.”

[47:6]  2 tn Heb “on the old you made very heavy your yoke.”

[47:7]  3 tn Heb “Forever I [will be] permanent queen”; NIV “the eternal queen”; CEV “queen forever.”

[47:7]  4 tn Heb “you did not set these things upon your heart [or “mind”].”

[47:7]  5 tn Heb “you did not remember its outcome”; NAB “you disregarded their outcome.”

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