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Ulangan 30:4

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ujung(TB/TL) <07097> [unto.]

TUHAN(TB)/Tuhan(TL) <03068> [thence will the.]

As this promise refers to a return from a captivity among all nations, consequently it cannot be exclusively the Babylonish captivity which is intended; and the repossession of their land must be different from that which was consequent on their return from Babylon. Nor at that period could it be said that they were multiplied more than their fathers, or, as the Hebrew imports, made greater than their fathers, when after their return they were tributary to the Persians, and afterwards fell under the power of the Greeks, under whom they suffered much; nor have their hearts, as a nation, yet been circumcised.


ujung langit,

Mazm 19:7

akan mengumpulkan

Yes 17:6; 24:13; 27:12; 40:11; 49:5; 56:8; Yeh 20:34,41; 34:13 [Semua]

engkau kembali

Neh 1:8-9; Yes 11:12; 41:5; 42:10; 43:6; 48:20; 62:11; Yer 31:8,10; 50:2 [Semua]

TIP #16: Tampilan Pasal untuk mengeksplorasi pasal; Tampilan Ayat untuk menganalisa ayat; Multi Ayat/Kutipan untuk menampilkan daftar ayat. [SEMUA]
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