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Amsal 30:9


30:9 lest I become satisfied and act deceptively 1 

and say, “Who is the Lord?”

Or lest I become poor and steal

and demean 2  the name of my God.

Yesaya 59:13


59:13 We have rebelled and tried to deceive the Lord;

we turned back from following our God.

We stir up 3  oppression and rebellion;

we tell lies we concocted in our minds. 4 

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[30:9]  1 tn The verb כָּחַשׁ (kakhash) means “to be disappointing; to deceive; to fail; to grow lean.” In the Piel stem it means “to deceive; to act deceptively; to cringe; to disappoint.” The idea of acting deceptively is illustrated in Hos 9:2 where it has the connotation of “disowning” or “refusing to acknowledge” (a meaning very close to its meaning here).

[30:9]  2 tn The Hebrew verb literally means “to take hold of; to seize”; this produces the idea of doing violence to the reputation of God.

[59:13]  3 tn Heb “speaking.” A new sentence was started here in the translation for stylistic reasons.

[59:13]  4 tn Heb “conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.”

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