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2 Korintus 7:6-7

7:6 But God, who encourages 1  the downhearted, encouraged 2  us by the arrival of Titus. 7:7 We were encouraged 3  not only by his arrival, but also by the encouragement 4  you gave 5  him, as he reported to us your longing, your mourning, 6  your deep concern 7  for me, so that I rejoiced more than ever.
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[7:6]  1 tn Or “comforts,” “consoles.”

[7:6]  2 tn Or “comforted,” “consoled.”

[7:7]  3 tn Because of the length and complexity of this Greek sentence, a new sentence was started here in the translation by supplying the phrase “We were encouraged.”

[7:7]  4 tn Or “comfort,” “consolation.”

[7:7]  5 tn Grk “by the encouragement with which he was encouraged by you.” The passive construction was translated as an active one in keeping with contemporary English style, and the repeated word “encouraged” was replaced in the translation by “gave” to avoid redundancy in the translation.

[7:7]  6 tn Or “your grieving,” “your deep sorrow.”

[7:7]  7 tn Or “your zeal.”

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