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Keluaran 30:1-10

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[The Samaritan inserts the first ten verses of this chapter after ver. 32 of chap. 26.]

mezbah(TB)/meja(TL) <04196> [an altar.]

pembakaran ukupan ...... dupa(TB)/membakar dupa(TL) <04729 07004> [to burn incense.]

Where so many sacrifices were offered, it was essentially necessary to have some pleasing perfume to counteract the disagreeable smells that must have arisen from the slaughter of so many animals, the burning of so much flesh, the sprinkling of the blood. No blood was ever sprinkled on this altar, except once a year, on the grand day of expiation. It was called also the golden altar (Nu 4:11); and the incense was as constantly burnt on it every day, as the morning and evening sacrifice of a lamb was burnt on the brazen altar.


Judul : Mengenai mezbah pembakaran ukupan

Perikop : Kel 30:1-10


Kel 37:25-28 dengan Kel 30:1-5

kaubuat mezbah,

Kel 40:5,26; Bil 4:11; 1Raj 6:20; Yeh 41:22 [Semua]

pembakaran ukupan;

Kel 25:6; [Lihat FULL. Kel 25:6]; Kel 37:29; Luk 1:11; Ibr 9:4; Wahy 8:3 [Semua]



tanduk-tanduknya(TB)/tanduknya(TL) <07161> [the horns.]



Kel 27:2; [Lihat FULL. Kel 27:2]; Wahy 9:13 [Semua]


kausalut ..... semata-mata(TB)/salutkanlah(TL) <06823 02889> [overlay it.]

bidang atasnya(TB)/papan(TL) <01406> [top. Heb. roof. sides. Heb. walls.]


emas sekelilingnya.

Kel 25:11; [Lihat FULL. Kel 25:11]


gelang(TB/TL) <02885> [rings.]

dua ........... kedua rusuknya sisinya ...... kedua(TB)/dua .......... kedua sisinya(TL) <06763 08147> [two corners. Heb. ribs.]


dua gelang

Kel 25:12; [Lihat FULL. Kel 25:12]



dengan emas.

Kel 25:13; [Lihat FULL. Kel 25:13]


tabir(TB)/tirai(TL) <06532> [vail.]

depan ..... hukum ... depan tutup pendamaian ...... hukum(TB)/hadapan ...... assyahadat ... hadapan tutupan ...... assyahadat(TL) <06440 03727 05715> [before the mercy seat that is over the testimony.]

The words [lpny hkprt ashr `l h`dt,] {liphney haccapporeth asher Æ’l haaiduth,} "before the mercy-seat that is over the testimony," are thought to be a repetition of the preceding clause, [lpn` hprkt 'sha `l 'rn h`dt,] {liphney happarocheth asher Æ’l aron haaiduth,} "before the vail that is by the ark of the testimony; the word [hprkt,] <\\See definition 06532\\>,] {happarocheth,} "the vail," being corrupted, by transposing the letters into [hkprt,] <\\See definition 03727\\>,] {hacapporeth,} "the mercy-seat," and the word ['rn,] <\\See definition 0727\\>,] {aron,} "ark," omitted. This repetition, as Dr. Kennicott observes, places the altar of incense before the mercy-seat, and consequently in the Holy of Holies! Now this could not be, as the altar of incense was attended every day, and the Holy of Holies entered only once in the year. The five words which appear to be a repetition are wanting in twenty-six of Kennicott's and Rossi's MSS. and in the Samaritan Text.

bertemu(TB)/tempat Aku datang mendapatkan(TL) <03259> [I will.]


tutup pendamaian

Kel 25:22; Kel 26:34; [Lihat FULL. Kel 26:34] [Semua]


[sweet incense. Heb. incense of spices.]

apabila ... membersihkan(TB)/diisinya(TL) <03190> [dresseth.]


membakar ukupan

Kel 25:6; [Lihat FULL. Kel 25:6]; Kel 40:27; Bil 3:10; Ul 33:10; 1Sam 2:28; 1Taw 6:49; 2Taw 2:4; 26:18; 29:7 [Semua]


apabila ... memasang(TB)/dipasang(TL) <05927> [lighteth. or, setteth up. Heb. causeth to ascend. at even.]

Heb. between the two evens.

12:6 *marg:

tetap(TB)/selalu(TL) <08548> [a perpetual.]


kamu turun-temurun.

Kel 25:37; [Lihat FULL. Kel 25:37]; Kel 29:42; [Lihat FULL. Kel 29:42] [Semua]



persembahkan ukupan

Im 10:1; Bil 16:7,40 [Semua]


Harun(TB/TL) <0175> [Aaron.]

penghapus(TB)/korban karena dosa(TL) <02403> [sin offering.]


Sekali setahun

Im 16:2

mengadakan pendamaian

Im 9:7; 16:18-19,30; 23:27,28; 25:9 [Semua]

penghapus dosa

Kel 29:14; Im 4:3; 6:25; 7:7; 8:2,14; Bil 6:11 [Semua]

kamu turun-temurun;

Kel 29:42; [Lihat FULL. Kel 29:42]

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