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Bilangan 21:10-20

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Judul : Perjalanan ke daerah Moab

Perikop : Bil 21:10-20

di Obot.

Bil 33:43


Obot(TB/TL) <088> [Oboth.]

Probably Oboda, a city of Arabia Petr‘a, mentioned by Ptolemy. Pliny assigns it to the Helmodians; but Stephanus to the Nabatheans.

Abarim(TB/TL) <05863> [Ije-abarim. or, heaps of Abarim.]


timur Moab.

Kej 36:35; [Lihat FULL. Kej 36:35]; Bil 33:44; Ul 34:8; Yer 40:11 [Semua]


lembah Zered ...... Zered(TB)/sungai Zered(TL) <02218 05158> [the valley of Zared.]

[the brook Zered.]


lembah Zered.

Ul 2:13,14 [Semua]



sungai Arnon

Bil 22:36; Ul 2:24; Yos 12:1; Hak 11:13,18; 2Raj 10:33; Yes 16:2; Yer 48:20 [Semua]

orang Amori.

Kej 10:16; [Lihat FULL. Kej 10:16]


kitab(TB)/hikayat(TL) <05612> [in the book.]

Waheb(TB)/Wahab(TL) <02052> [What he did. or, Vaheb in Suphah.]

The following seems to be the sense of this passage: "From Vaheb in Suphah, and the torrents of Arnon, even the effusion of the torrents, which goeth down to the dwelling of Ar, and lieth for the boundary of Moab; even from thence to the well; (which is the well of which Jehovah spake unto Moses, Gather the people, and I will give them water. Then sang Israel this song: Spring up, O Well! Answer ye to it. The well, princes digged it; even nobles of the people digged it, by a decree, upon their borders;) and from the wilderness (or the well, as in LXX.) to Mattanah; and from Mattanah," etc. The whole of this, from ver. 14-20, is a fragment from "the book of the wars of Jehovah," probably a book of remembrances or directions written by Moses for the use of Joshua, and describes the several boundaries of the land of Moab. This rendering removes every obscurity, and obviates every difficulty.


kitab peperangan

1Sam 17:47; 18:17; 25:28 [Semua]


Ar(TB/TL) <06144> [Ar.]

bersandar(TB)/berdempetan(TL) <08172> [lieth. Heb. leaneth.]


kota Ar,

Bil 21:28; Ul 2:9,18; Yes 15:1 [Semua]


Beer(TB)/Beir(TL) <0876> [Beer.]

Kumpulkanlah(TB/TL) <0622> [Gather.]


ke Beer.

Bil 25:1; 33:49; Hak 9:21; Yes 15:8 [Semua]


menyanyikan(TB)/bernyanyilah(TL) <07891> [sang.]

Berbual-buallah(TB)/Berpancarlah(TL) <05927> [Spring up. Heb. ascend. sing ye. or answer.]


menyanyikan nyanyian

Kel 15:1; [Lihat FULL. Kel 15:1]


kaum(TB)/penghulu(TL) <08269> [princes.]

tongkat-tongkat kerajaan(TB)/tongkat pemerintahan(TL) <02710> [the lawgiver.]

padang gurun(TB)/padang(TL) <04057> [And from.]


daerah(TB)/padang(TL) <07704> [country. Heb. field.]

puncak(TB)/kemuncak(TL) <07218> [to the.]

Pisga(TB/TL) <06449> [Pisgah. or the hill. Jeshimon. or, the wilderness.]


gunung Pisga

Bil 23:14; Ul 3:17,27; 34:1; Yos 12:3; 13:20 [Semua]

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