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Mazmur 69:7-12


69:7 For I suffer 1  humiliation for your sake 2 

and am thoroughly disgraced. 3 

69:8 My own brothers treat me like a stranger;

they act as if I were a foreigner. 4 

69:9 Certainly 5  zeal for 6  your house 7  consumes me;

I endure the insults of those who insult you. 8 

69:10 I weep and refrain from eating food, 9 

which causes others to insult me. 10 

69:11 I wear sackcloth

and they ridicule me. 11 

69:12 Those who sit at the city gate gossip about me;

drunkards mock me in their songs. 12 

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[69:7]  1 tn Heb “carry, bear.”

[69:7]  2 tn Heb “on account of you.”

[69:7]  3 tn Heb “and shame covers my face.”

[69:8]  4 tn Heb “and I am estranged to my brothers, and a foreigner to the sons of my mother.”

[69:9]  5 tn Or “for.” This verse explains that the psalmist’s suffering is due to his allegiance to God.

[69:9]  6 tn Or “devotion to.”

[69:9]  7 sn God’s house, the temple, here represents by metonymy God himself.

[69:9]  8 tn Heb “the insults of those who insult you fall upon me.”

[69:9]  sn Jn 2:17 applies the first half of this verse to Jesus’ ministry in the context of John’s account of Jesus cleansing the temple.

[69:10]  9 sn Fasting was a practice of mourners. By refraining from normal activities such as eating food, the mourner demonstrated the sincerity of his sorrow.

[69:10]  10 tn Heb “and it becomes insults to me.”

[69:11]  11 tn Heb “and I am an object of ridicule to them.”

[69:12]  12 tn Heb “the mocking songs of the drinkers of beer.”

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