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Mazmur 24:7-10


24:7 Look up, 1  you gates!

Rise up, 2  you eternal doors!

Then the majestic king 3  will enter! 4 

24:8 Who is this majestic king? 5 

The Lord who is strong and mighty!

The Lord who is mighty in battle!

24:9 Look up, you gates!

Rise up, you eternal doors!

Then the majestic king will enter!

24:10 Who is this majestic king?

The Lord who commands armies! 6 

He is the majestic king! (Selah)

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[24:7]  1 tn Heb “lift up your heads.” The gates of the Lord’s dwelling place are here personified. The idiom “lift up the head” often means “be confident, bold” (see Judg 8:28; Job 10:15; Ps 83:2; Zech 1:21).

[24:7]  2 tn Heb “lift yourselves up.”

[24:7]  3 tn Or “king of glory.”

[24:7]  4 tn Following the imperatives of the preceding lines, the prefixed verbal form with vav (ו) conjunctive indicates purpose or result.

[24:8]  5 sn Who is this majestic king? Perhaps the personified gates/doors ask this question, in response to the command given in v. 7.

[24:10]  6 tn Traditionally, “the Lord of hosts,” a title which here pictures the Lord as a mighty warrior-king who leads armies into battle.

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