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Himne Indonesia

Mazmur 16:11

Kidung Jemaat

  • Agungkan Allahmu [KJ.72] ( The God of Abraham Praise / Yigdol )
  • Yang Mau Dibimbing oleh Tuhan [KJ.379]

Himne Inggris

Mazmur 16:11

  • [Mzm 16:11] All Will Be Well
  • [Mzm 16:11] My God, I Am Thine
  • [Mzm 16:11] Only God Can Bring Us Gladness
  • [Mzm 16:11] All The Day
  • [Mzm 16:11] All Things In Jesus
  • [Mzm 16:11] Bright Forever, The
  • [Mzm 16:11] Eternal Source Of Joys Divine
  • [Mzm 16:11] Father, In Thy Mysterious Presence Kneeling
  • [Mzm 16:11] He Set The Joy-bells Ringing
  • [Mzm 16:11] I Am Happy In Him
  • [Mzm 16:11] How Tedious And Tasteless
  • [Mzm 16:11] Lord, We Thank Thee For The Pleasure
  • [Mzm 16:11] O Lord Of Life, And Love, And Power
  • [Mzm 16:11] Ships Glide In At The Harbor’s Mouth, The
  • [Mzm 16:11] What Joy There Is
  • [Mzm 16:11] When The Day Of Toil Is Done
  • [Mzm 16:11] You May Have The Joy-bells

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