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Keluaran 26:31-33

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tabir .... ungu tua ........ biru laut(TB)/tirai(TL) <06532 08504> [a vail of.]

ungu tua(TB)/biru laut(TL) <08504> [blue.]

ungu muda(TB)/ungu(TL) <0713> [purple.]

{Argaman,} a very precious colour, extracted from the purpura, or murex, a species of shell-fish; and supposed to be the same with the costly and much celebrated Tyrian purple.

kain kirmizi(TB)/kirmizi(TL) <08144> [scarlet.]

TolaÆ’th; properly the worm whence the scarlet colour was produced; which grew in a coccus, or excrescence, of a shrub of the ilex kind, like the cochineal worm in the Opuntia of America; which is arranged under the same genus as the Arabic {Kermez,} which also denotes this colour.

perbuatan buatan ahli tenun(TB)/perbuatan .... kepandaian(TL) <04639 02803> [cunning work.]

kaubuat ... kauperbuat .......... berwarna ......... dibuat .... kerubnya(TB)/kauperbuat .......... berwarna ......... berkerubiun(TL) <06213 03742> [cherubims shall it be made.]


kaubuat tabir

Bil 4:5; 2Taw 3:14; Mat 27:51; Luk 23:45; Ibr 9:3 [Semua]

ada kerubnya,

Kel 25:18; [Lihat FULL. Kel 25:18]


tiang .... penaga ..... kayu penaga(TB)/tiang .... kayu penaga(TL) <05982 07848> [pillars of shittim.]

emas ........ emas .... kaitannya ... emas(TB)/pengait emas ............. emas(TL) <02053 02091> [their hooks shall be of gold.]

The Hebrew {waveyhem,} which we translate their hooks, is rendered by the LXX. [kephalides,] and by the Vulgate, {capiata,} capitals. Hence Calmet contends, 1. That if Moses does not mean the capitals of the pillars by this word, he mentions them nowhere else; and it would seem strange, that while he describes them with so much exactness, that he should not mention the capitals; or that pillars every way so correctly formed, should have been destitute of this necessary ornament. 2. As Moses was commanded to make the {wavim} of the pillars, and their fillets, of silver, (ch. 27:10, 11,) and the {wavim} of the pillars of the vail of gold, (ch. 36:36,) and that 1,775 shekels were employed in making them, overlaying their chapiters, {rasheyhem,} their heads, and filleting them, (ch. 38:28,) it is more reasonable to suppose that all this is spoken of the capitals of pillars, than of any kind of hooks, especially as hooks are mentioned under the word taches or clasps. But as the root {wavah} seems to signify to connect, (for [wwy,] in Arabic, is to marry a wife,) and as the letter [ww,] {wav,} if it has not its name from its hook-like form, is yet used as a connective particle, it would rather appear to denote hooks, which connected the curtains or vails to the pillars. The LXX. also render it [agkulai,] "handles", and [krikoi,] "rings" or "clasps".


empat alas

Kel 26:19; [Lihat FULL. Kel 26:19]


kaitan penyambung tenda(TB)/pengaitnya(TL) <07165> [the taches.]

tabir .... tirai ............. tirai belakang tabir tirai ... tabir(TB)/tirai ............ belakang tirai .... tirai(TL) <06532 01004> [within the vail.]

tabut assyahadat(TB)/peti assyahadat(TL) <0727 05715> [the ark of the testimony.]

tempat kudus suci tempat tempat yang mahasuci(TB)/suci ... tempat yang mahasuci(TL) <06944> [the holy place.]


belakang tabir

Kel 27:21; 35:12; 40:3,21; Im 16:2; Bil 3:31; 4:5; 2Taw 3:14 [Semua]

maha kudus.

Im 16:2,16; 1Raj 6:16; 7:50; 8:6; 2Taw 3:8; 5:7; Yeh 41:4; Ibr 9:2-3 [Semua]

Catatan Frasa: TABIR.

Keluaran 36:35

TSK Full Life Study Bible


tabir ..... ungu tua ....... biru laut(TB)/tirai ......... biru laut(TL) <08504 06532> [vail of blue.]

{Parachoth,} from {parach,} to separate, divide, make a distinction between somewhat, the inner vail, which divided the tabernacle into two, and separated, and made a distinction between the Holy place and the Holy of Holies. This vail was made of the same rich materials as the inner covering of the tabernacle, and curiously embroidered with cherubim and other ornaments. Though it does not appear from Scripture at what distance from either end of the tabernacle this vail was hung, yet is reasonably conjectured, that it divided it in the same proportion in which the temple, built after this model, was divided; that is, two-thirds of the whole length were allotted to the first room, and one-third to the second; so that the room beyond the vail, the Holy of Holies, was exactly square, being ten cubits each way, and the first room, the sanctuary, was twice as long as it was broad.


Dibuatlah tabir

Kel 39:38

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