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Imamat 2:4

Processed Grain Offerings

2:4 “‘When you present an offering of grain baked in an oven, it must be made of 1  choice wheat flour baked into unleavened loaves 2  mixed with olive oil or 3  unleavened wafers smeared 4  with olive oil.

Imamat 7:12

7:12 If he presents it on account of thanksgiving, 5  along with the thank offering sacrifice he must present unleavened loaves mixed with olive oil, unleavened wafers smeared with olive oil, 6  and well soaked 7  ring-shaped loaves made of choice wheat flour 8  mixed with olive oil.
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[2:4]  1 tn The insertion of the words “it must be made of” is justified by the context and the expressed words “it shall be made of” in vv. 7 and 8 below.

[2:4]  2 sn These “loaves” were either “ring-shaped” (HALOT 317 s.v. חַלָּה) or “perforated” (BDB 319 s.v. חַלָּה; cf. J. Milgrom, Leviticus [AB], 1:184).

[2:4]  3 tn Heb “and.” Here the conjunction vav (ו) has an alternative sense (“or”).

[2:4]  4 tn The Hebrew word מְשֻׁחִים (mÿshukhim) translated here as “smeared” is often translated “anointed” in other contexts. Cf. TEV “brushed with olive oil” (CEV similar).

[7:12]  5 tn Or “for a thank offering.”

[7:12]  6 tn See the notes on Lev 2:4.

[7:12]  7 tn See the note on Lev 6:21 [6:14 HT].

[7:12]  8 tn Heb “choice wheat flour well soaked ring-shaped loaves.” See the note on Lev 2:1.

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