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Imamat 19:9

TSK Full Life Study Bible


menuai hasil ................. penuaianmu ... penuaianmu(TB)/menuai hasil ................... penuaianmu(TL) <07105 07114> [ye reap the harvest.]

In what code of laws merely human, is a requisition to be found so counteracting to selfishness, so encouraging to liberality, and so beneficently considering to the poor and needy? But the Mosaic dispensation, like the Christian, breathed with love to God, and benevolence to man. To the honour of the public and charitable spirit of the English, this merciful law is, in general, as much attended to as if it had been incorporated with the gospel.


ke tepinya,

Rut 2:2,3,7,16,17 [Semua]

dari penuaianmu.

Im 23:10,22; Ul 24:19-22; Ayub 24:10 [Semua]

Imamat 23:22

TSK Full Life Study Bible


To the institution of the feast of pentecost is annexed a repetition of that law, by which they were required to leave the gleanings of their fields, and the corn that grew on the ends of the butts, for the poor. It may come in here as a thing which the priests must take occasion to remind the people of, when they brought their first-fruits, intimating to them, that to obey even in this small matter was better than sacrifice; and that unless they were obedient, their offerings should not be accepted. It also taught them that the joy of harvest should express itself in charity to the poor, who must have their due out of what we have, as well as God his. They that are truly sensible of the mercy they receive from God, will without grudging shew mercy to the poor.


kamu menuai

Im 19:9; [Lihat FULL. Im 19:9]

dari penuaianmu,

Im 19:10; [Lihat FULL. Im 19:10]; Ul 24:19-21; Rut 2:15 [Semua]

orang asing;

Rut 2:2

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