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Hakim-hakim 1:6-7

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ibu jari(TB/TL) <0931> [their thumbs. Heb. the thumbs of their hands and of their feet.]

This was not an unusual act of cruelty in ancient times towards enemies.--’lian informs us, that in after ages "the Athenians, at the instigation of Cleon, son of Cleoenetus, made a decree that all the inhabitants of the island of ’gina should have the thumb cut off from the right hand, so that they might ever after be disabled from holding a spear, yet might handle an oar." It was a custom among those Romans who did not like a military life, to cut off their thumbs, that they might be incapable of serving in the army; and for the same reason, parents sometimes cut off the thumbs of their children.

memungut(TB/TL) <03950> [gathered. or, gleaned. as I have.]


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Im 24:19; Yer 25:12 [Semua]

ke Yerusalem

Yos 10:1; [Lihat FULL. Yos 10:1]

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