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Hagai 1:9-11

TSK Full Life Study Bible


mengharapkan(TB)/ingin(TL) <06437> [Ye looked.]

They had used all proper means in the cultivation of their lands, and had "sown much;" but when they rationally entertained the most sanguine expectations of a large increase, they were strangely disappointed; and even what they had brought home was unaccountably wasted, as if the Lord had "blown upon it," and driven it away! And the reason was, because they neglected the temple, and left it in ruins, whilst they eagerly employed themselves in building and decorating their own houses; therefore they were visited by drought and famine, and by various diseases on man and beast.

menghembuskannya ..... demikianlah firman .......... firman(TB)/menghembus(TL) <05301 05002> [blow upon it. or, blow it away.]

demikianlah firman(TB)/firman(TL) <05002> [Why.]

Oleh karena ........ Oleh karena(TB)/sebab(TL) <03282> [Because.]


hasilnya sedikit,

Ul 28:38; [Lihat FULL. Ul 28:38]; Yes 5:10; [Lihat FULL. Yes 5:10] [Semua]

Aku menghembuskannya.

Mazm 103:16; [Lihat FULL. Mazm 103:16]; Yeh 22:21; [Lihat FULL. Yeh 22:21] [Semua]

menjadi reruntuhan,

Hag 1:4; [Lihat FULL. Hag 1:4]; Neh 13:11; [Lihat FULL. Neh 13:11] [Semua]



langit menahan

Ul 28:24; [Lihat FULL. Ul 28:24]


Kej 27:28; [Lihat FULL. Kej 27:28]; 1Raj 17:1 [Semua]

menahan hasilnya,

Im 26:19; Ul 28:23 [Semua]


memanggil(TB/TL) <07121> [I called.]

hasil usaha(TB)/perbuatan(TL) <03018> [upon all.]


memanggil kekeringan

Ul 11:26; [Lihat FULL. Ul 11:26]; Ul 28:22; [Lihat FULL. Ul 28:22]; Rut 1:1; [Lihat FULL. Rut 1:1]; 1Raj 17:1; [Lihat FULL. 1Raj 17:1]; Yes 5:6; [Lihat FULL. Yes 5:6] [Semua]

atas gunung-gunung,

Ul 7:25; [Lihat FULL. Ul 7:25]

atas anggur,

Ul 28:51; [Lihat FULL. Ul 28:51]; Mazm 4:8 [Semua]

atas minyak,

Bil 18:12; [Lihat FULL. Bil 18:12]

hasil usaha.

Hag 2:18

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