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Kejadian 6:1-4

  •  The Angel Marriages, the Rebel Angels (Kejadian 6:1-4; 2 Petrus 2:4; Yudas 1:6)
  • At least two traditions dealing with fallen/rebel angels can be traced in the Bible. The one that is related to the angel marriages (Genesis 6:1-4; 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 6), represents a main theme in the pseudepigraphical book of 1 Enoch. The other tradition (Revelation 12:7ff.; Isaiah 14:12-15 (?)) has Satan as its main character. It may be difficult to decide which of the traditions the artwork representing the fallen angels is referring to. When I have no way of desciding, I connect the artwork to the present heading. Keep in mind that in some cases both details and composition of the pictures of the fallen angels may be explained by the extra-biblical material.
    Descent of the angels to one of the daughters of men, The *
    Rout of the rebel angels, The *
    Rout of the rebel angels, The
    Fall of the rebel angels
    (34 Gambar)   Topik TerkaitThe Fall of the King of Babylon ;  The Woman and the Dragon  |   Nama TerkaitMalaikat ;  Babel ;  Babilon  |   Pasal TerkaitKejadian 6 ;  2 Petrus 2 ;  Yudas 1

2 Petrus 2:4

Yudas 1:1-25

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