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2 Samuel 13:1-18

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Absalom(TB/TL) <053> [A.M. 2972. B.C. 1032. A. Ex. Is. 459. Absalom.]

adik .... cantik adiknya(TB)/adiknya .... elok(TL) <0269 03303> [a fair sister.]

Tamar(TB/TL) <08559> [Tamar.]

cinta(TB)/berahi akan dia(TL) <0157> [loved her.]


Judul : Amnon dan Tamar

Perikop : 2Sam 13:1-22


2Sam 3:3; [Lihat FULL. 2Sam 3:3]

namanya Tamar;

2Sam 14:27; 1Taw 3:9 [Semua]

dan Amnon

2Sam 3:2

Catatan Frasa: TAMAR ... AMNON.


tergoda(TB)/ditaruh(TL) <03334> [vexed.]

Amnon ..................... Amnon(TB)/Amnon ...................... Amnon(TL) <0550> [Amnon, etc. Heb. it was marvellous, or hidden, in the eyes of Amnon.]


sahabat(TB)/sahabatnya(TL) <07453> [a friend.]

Simea(TB/TL) <08093> [Shimeah.]

Simea(TB/TL) <08093> [Shimeah. subtil man.]


anak Simea

1Sam 16:9; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 16:9]


raja(TB/TL) <04428> [Why art.]

merana(TB)/kurus(TL) <01800> [lean. Heb. thin. from day to day. Heb. morning by morning.]

I love.

saudaraku(TB)/abangku(TL) <0251> [my brother.]


Berbaringlah(TB)/berbaring(TL) <07901> [Lay thee.]


membuat ... dua ...... dua(TB)/menyediakan(TL) <03823 08147> [make me.]


mengambil(TB)/diambil(TL) <03947> [she took.]

Dr. Russell says, "The Eastern ladies often wash their own hands, prepare cakes, pastry, etc. in their apartments; and some few particular dishes are cooked by themselves, but not in their apartments: on such occasions, they go to some room near the kitchen."

adonan(TB)/basah(TL) <01217> [flour. or, paste. and made cakes.]

Rather, as Mr. Parkhurst renders, "and tossed it (wattelabbaiv) in his sight, and dressed the tossed cakes (halleveevoth)." This will receive illustration from the account which Mr. Jackson gives of the Arabian manner of kneading and baking. "They have a small place built with clay, between two and three feet high, having a hole at the bottom for the convenience of drawing out the ashes, something similar to that of a brick-kiln. The oven is usually about fifteen inches wide at top, and gradually grows wider to the bottom. It is heated with wood; and when sufficiently hot, and perfectly clear from smoke, having nothing but clear embers at bottom, which continue to reflect great heat, they prepare the dough in a large bowl, and mould the cakes to the desired size on a board or stone placed near the oven. After they have kneaded the cake to a proper consistency, they pat it a little, then toss it about with great dexterity in one hand till it is as thin as they choose to make it. They then wet one side of it with water, at the same time wetting the hand and arm with which they put it into the oven."



[And Ammon.]


keluar meninggalkan

Kej 45:1


Marilah tidur ..... berseketiduran(TB)/Marilah ... berseketiduran(TL) <07901 0935> [Come lie.]


makan, dipegangnyalah

Kej 39:12; [Lihat FULL. Kej 39:12]

aku, adikku.

Kej 38:16; [Lihat FULL. Kej 38:16]


perkosa ....... seperti itu demikian(TB)/gagahi(TL) <06031 03651> [force me. Heb. humble me.]

seperti itu(TB)/demikian(TL) <03651> [no such thing ought. Heb. it ought not so.]

noda(TB)/honar(TL) <05039> [folly.]


di Israel.

Im 20:17

berbuat noda

Kej 34:7; [Lihat FULL. Kej 34:7]


berbicaralah(TB)/kakanda(TL) <01696> [Now therefore.]


Dan aku,

Im 18:9; [Lihat FULL. Im 18:9]; Ul 22:21,23-24; [Lihat FULL. Ul 22:21]; [Lihat FULL. Ul 22:23]; [Lihat FULL. Ul 22:24] [Semua]


diperkosanyalah .... berseketiduranlah(TB)/digagahinya(TL) <06031 07901> [forced her.]


diperkosanyalah dia,

Kej 34:2; [Lihat FULL. Kej 34:2]; Yeh 22:11 [Semua]


timbullah .... sangat besar ... terlalu sangat ...... besar .... besar(TB)/bencilah(TL) <08130 03966 01419> [hated her.]

sangat(TB/TL) <03966> [exceedingly. Heb. with great hatred greatly.]


baju kurung(TB)/baju(TL) <03801> [a garment.]


memakai baju

Kej 37:23; [Lihat FULL. Kej 37:23]

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