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2 Raja-raja 23:29

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[A.M. 3394. B.C. 610.]

Nekho(TB)/Firaun Nekho(TL) <06549> [Pharaoh-nechoh.]

Pharaoh-nechoh, called [Nekos,] Necos, the son of Psammiticus, by Herodotus, was now was now marching "to make war upon the Medes and Babylonians, who had dissolved the Assyrian empire," the king of the latter being the famous Nabopollasar, who had also become king of Assyria.

Efrat(TB)/Ferat(TL) <06578> [Euphrates.]

Yosia(TB)/Yosiapun(TL) <02977 03212> [Josiah went.]

membunuhnya ... Megido ....... Megido(TB)/dibunuh(TL) <04191 04023> [slew him.]

Megido(TB/TL) <04023> [Megiddo.]

Megiddo, called [Magdolon,] Magdolum, by Herodotus, was situated in the tribe of Manasseh, west of Jordan, in the valley of Jezreel, and not far fron Hadad-Rimmon, or Maximianopolis. This shews that Josiah reigned over the country formerly possessed by the ten tribes; and it is also probable, that Nechoh had landed his troops at or near C‘sarea of Palestine.


[Armageddon. he had seen him.]


Firaun Nekho,

2Raj 23:33-35; Yer 46:2 [Semua]

di Megido,

2Raj 9:27

2 Raja-raja 23:33-35

TSK Full Life Study Bible


mengurung(TB)/belenggukan(TL) <0631> [put him.]

Ribla(TB/TL) <07247> [Riblah.]

Theodoret (in Jer ch. 46,) expressly affirms that Riblah or Reblatha was in his time called Emesa. [Kome de estin he Reblatha tes nun kaloumenes Emeses.] Emesa was a city of Syria, situated on the Orontes, and, according to the Antonine Itinerary, 18 miles from Laodicea ad Libanum. It is now called Homs, or Hems, about eight hours, or twenty-four miles S.E. of Hamah or Hamath, in the road to Damascus. The present town only occupies about one quarter of the space contained within the ancient walls, which apparently date from the time of the Saracens. Here is nothing remarkable, except a Roman sepulchre, and a large castle in ruins.

Hamat(TB/TL) <02574> [Hamath.]

memerintah(TB)/kerajaan(TL) <04427> [that he might not reign. or, because he reigned. put, etc.]

Heb. set a mulct upon the land.


di Ribla,

Bil 34:11; [Lihat FULL. Bil 34:11]

tanah Hamat,

1Raj 8:65


Elyakim(TB/TL) <0471> [Eliakim.]

anak(TB)/bin(TL) <01121> [the son.]

menukar(TB)/ditukarnya ..... setelah(TL) <05437> [turned.]

Yoyakim(TB/TL) <03079> [Jehoiakim.]

"Called Jakim, Mt 1:11."

tiba(TB)/ke(TL) <0935> [he came.]


mengangkat Elyakim,

2Raj 24:6; 1Taw 3:15; 2Taw 36:5-8; Yer 1:3 [Semua]

dan mati

Yer 22:12


perak .............. uang ........... perak(TB)/perak .................... uang .............. perak(TL) <03701> [the silver.]

pajak(TB)/diambilnya cukai(TL) <06186> [taxed.]


ketetapan pajaknya,

Yer 2:16

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