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1 Raja-raja 14:3

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Bawalah(TB)/hendaklah ... ambil(TL) <03947> [And take.]

tangan(TL) <03027> [with thee. Heb. in thine hand. cracknels. or, cakes.]

{Nikkoodim,} spotted, or perforated cakes; either, as some suppose, thin cakes pierced through with holes, the same as is called Jews' bread to the present day, and used by them at the passover; or, as Mr. Harmer imagines, cakes spotted with seeds, as with sesamum, Roman coriander, etc., such as he proves from Rauwolff, Russell, and Hanway, are still used in the East. This was certainly not a present that proclaimed royalty; but it does not appear to have been, in the estimation of the East, a present only fit for a country woman to have made, as Bp. Patrick supposes: for D'Arvieux informs us, that when he waited on an Arab emir, his mother and sisters sent him a present of pastry, honey, and fresh butter, with a bason of sweetmeats of Damascus.

sebuli-buli(TB)/buli-buli(TL) <01228> [cruse. or, bottle. he shall tell.]


sepuluh roti,

1Sam 9:7; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 9:7]

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