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1 Raja-raja 12:11

TSK Full Life Study Bible


menambah(TB)/menambahi(TL) <03254> [I will add.]

menghajar ........ menghajar(TB)/menyiksai ........ menyiksai(TL) <03256> [but I will chastise.]

Should you rebel or become disaffected, my father's whip shall be a scorpion in my hand. His was chastisement, mine shall be punishment. Celsius and Hiller conjecture that {Æ’krabbim} denotes a thorny kind of shrub, whose prickles are of a venomous nature, called by the Arabs scorpion thorns, from the exquisite pain which they inflict. But the Chaldee renders it {margenin,} and the Syriac {moragyai,} i.e., [maragnai,] scourges; and in the parallel place of Chronicles the Arabic has {saut,} a scourge. Isidore, and after him Calmet and others, assert that the scorpion was a sort of severe whip, the lashes of which were armed with knots or points that sunk into and tore the flesh.

cambuk yang berduri besi(TB)/kalajengking(TL) <06137> [scorpions.]

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