Jumlah dalam TB : 1 dalam 1 ayat
(dalam NT: 1 dalam 1 ayat)
Keluarga Kata untuk kata "tersiksa" dalam TB (0/23) : disiksa (0x/6x); siksa (0x/1x); siksaan (0x/13x); siksaannya (0x/2x); tersiksa (0x/1x);
Greek : <928> 1x;
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Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<928> 1 (dari 12)
basanizw basanizo
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to test (metals) by the touchstone, which is a black siliceous stone used to test the purity of gold or silver by the colour of the streak produced on it by rubbing it with either metal 2) to question by applying torture 3) to torture 4) to vex with grievous pains (of body or mind), to torment 5) to be harassed, distressed 5a) of those who at sea are struggling with a head wind

Konkordansi PB

ebasanizen <928> 2Ptr 2:8 ... jiwanya yang benar itu tersiksa --

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