PERBUATAN BAIK [Sebagai Frasa]

Jumlah dalam TB : 5 dalam 5 ayat
(dalam NT: 5 dalam 5 ayat)
Keluarga Kata untuk frasa "perbuatan baik" dalam TB (0/40) : berbuat baik (0x/33x); berbuatlah baik (0x/2x); perbuatan baik (0x/5x);
Greek : <2041 18> 2x; <2041 1343> 1x; <2041 2570> 1x; <18> 1x;
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YUNANI [Sebagai Frasa]

Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<2041> 4 (dari 170)
ergon ergon
Definisi : --n n (noun neuter)-- 1) business, employment, that which any one is occupied 1a) that which one undertakes to do, enterprise, undertaking 2) any product whatever, any thing accomplished by hand, art, industry, or mind 3) an act, deed, thing done: the idea of working is emphasised in opp. to that which is less than work
<18> 3 (dari 101)
agayov agathos
Definisi : --adj (adjective)-- 1) of good constitution or nature 2) useful, salutary 3) good, pleasant, agreeable, joyful, happy 4) excellent, distinguished 5) upright, honourable
<2570> 1 (dari 102)
kalov kalos
Definisi : --adj (adjective)-- 1) beautiful, handsome, excellent, eminent, choice, surpassing, precious, useful, suitable, commendable, admirable 1a) beautiful to look at, shapely, magnificent 1b) good, excellent in its nature and characteristics, and therefore well adapted to its ends 1b1) genuine, approved 1b2) precious 1b3) joined to names of men designated by their office, competent, able, such as one ought to be 1b4) praiseworthy, noble 1c) beautiful by reason of purity of heart and life, and hence praiseworthy 1c1) morally good, noble 1d) honourable, conferring honour 1e) affecting the mind agreeably, comforting and confirming Sinonim : Lihat Definisi 5893
<1343> 1 (dari 91)
dikaiosunh dikaiosune
Definisi : --n f (noun feminime)-- 1) in a broad sense: state of him who is as he ought to be, righteousness, the condition acceptable to God 1a) the doctrine concerning the way in which man may attain a state approved of God 1b) integrity, virtue, purity of life, rightness, correctness of thinking feeling, and acting 2) in a narrower sense, justice or the virtue which gives each his due

Konkordansi PB [Sebagai Frasa]

agayon <18> Mat 19:16 ... Yesus, dan berkata: "Guru, perbuatan baik apakah yang harus kuperbuat ...
ergwn agaywn <2041 18> 1Tim 2:10 ... hendaklah ia berdandan dengan perbuatan baik , seperti yang layak bagi ...
erga kala <2041 2570> 1Tim 5:25 Demikianpun perbuatan baik itu segera nyata dan kalau ...
ergon agayon <2041 18> 2Tim 3:17 ... diperlengkapi untuk setiap perbuatan baik .
ergwn dikaiosunh <2041 1343> Tit 3:5 ... kita, bukan karena perbuatan baik yang telah kita lakukan, ...

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