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EBD: Schism


Schism [ebd]

a separation, an alienation causing divisions among Christians, who ought to be united (1 Cor. 12:25).

SCHISM [isbe]

SCHISM - siz'-m (schisma): Only in 1 Cor 12:25. The same Greek word, literally, "a split," is translated "rent" in Mt 9:16; Mk 2:21; and "division" in Jn 7:43; 9:16; 10:19. It designates "a separation," not from, but within, the church, interfering with the harmonious coordination and cooperation of the members described in the preceding verses (1 Cor 12:18 ff). The ecclesiastical meaning is that of a break from a church organization, that may or may not be connected with a doctrinal dissent.

Lihat definisi kata "Schism" dalam Studi Kata

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