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RECOVER [isbe]

RECOVER - re-kuv'-er: "Recover" has (1) the transitive meaning of "to retake" or "regain" (anything); and (2) the intransitive sense of "to regain health" or "become well." In Judith 14:7 it means "restore to consciousness." In the former sense it is in the Old Testament the translation of natsal, "to snatch away" (Jdg 11:26; 1 Sam 30:8,22; in Hos 2:9, the Revised Version (British and American) "pluck away"); also of shubh (Qal and Hiphil 1 Sam 30:19 the King James Version; 2 Sam 8:3, etc.), and of various other words in single instances. In 2 Ki 5:3,6,7,11, "to restore to health" is 'acaph. In its intransitive sense "recover" is chiefly the translation of chayah, "to live," "revive" (2 Ki 1:2, etc.; Isa 38:9,21). "Recover" appears only twice in the King James Version of the New Testament; Mk 16:18 (for kalos hexousin) and 2 Tim 2:26 (from ananepho, the Revised Version margin "Greek: `return to soberness' "); but the Revised Version (British and American) has "recover" for "do well" in Jn 11:12 (sothesetai; margin "Greek: `be saved'"). "Recovering" (of sight) (anablepsis) occurs in Lk 4:18.

W. L. Walker

Lihat definisi kata "Recover" dalam Studi Kata

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