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NAVE: Footman


Footman [nave]

FOOTMAN, a ruer before kings and princes, 1 Sam. 8:11; 2 Sam. 15:1; 1 Kin. 1:5.

FOOTMAN [smith]

a word employed in the English Bible in two senses:
  1. Generally, to distinguish those of the fighting men who went on foot from those who were on horseback or in chariots;
  2. In a more special sense, in (1 Samuel 22:17) only, and as the translation of a different term from the above --a body of swift runners in attendance on the king. This body appears to have been afterwards kept up, and to have been distinct from the body-guard --the six hundred and thirty-- who were originated by David. See (1 Kings 14:27,28; 2 Kings 11:4,6,11,13,19; 2 Chronicles 12:10,11) In each of these cases the word is the same as the above, and is rendered "guard," with "runners" in the margin in two instances - (1 Kings 14:27; 2 Kings 11:13)

FOOTMAN [isbe]

FOOTMAN - foot'-man.

See WAR.

Lihat definisi kata "Footman" dalam Studi Kata

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