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NAVE: Courage


Courage [nave]

Enjoined upon Joshua, Deut. 31:7, 8, 22, 23; Josh. 1:1-9; the Israelites, Lev. 26:6-8; 2 Chr. 32:7, 8; Solomon, 1 Chr. 22:13; 28:20; Asa, 2 Chr. 15:1-7.
Enjoined by Jehoshaphat upon the judicial and executive officers he appointed, 2 Chr. 19:11.
Scriptures Relating to
Prov. 28:1; Ezek. 2:6; Ezek. 3:9; 1 Cor. 16:13; Phil. 1:27, 28; 2 Tim. 1:7
Instances of the Courage of Conviction
Abraham, in leaving his fatherland, Gen. 12:1-9; in offering Isaac, Gen. 22:1-14.
Gideon, in destroying the altar of Baal, Judg. 6:25-31.
Ezra, in undertaking the perilous journey from Babylon to Palestine without a guard, Ezra 8:22, 23.
The Jews, in returning answer to Tatnai, Ezra 5:11.
The three Hebrews, who refused to bow down to the image of Nebuchadnezzar, Dan. 3:16-18.
Daniel, in persisting in prayer, regardless of the edict against praying, Dan. 6:10.
Peter and John, in refusing to obey men, rather than God, Acts 4:19; 5:29.
See: Minister, Courage of; Reproof.
Instances of Personal Bravery
Joshua and Caleb, in advising that Israel go at once and possess the land, Num. 13:30; 14:6-12.
Othniel, in smiting Kirjathsepher, Josh. 15:16, 17.
Gideon, in attacking the confederate armies of the Midianites and Amalekites with three hundred men, Judg. 7:7-23.
Deborah, in leading Israel's armies, Judg. 4.
Jael, in slaying Sisera, Judg. 4:18-22.
Agag, in the indifference with which he faced death, 1 Sam. 15:32, 33.
David, in slaying Goliath, 1 Sam. 17:32-50; in entering into the tent of Saul, and carrying away Saul's spear, 1 Sam. 26:7-12.
David's captains, 2 Sam. 23.
Joab, in reproving King David, 2 Sam. 19:5-7.
Nehemiah, in refusing to take refuge in the temple, Neh. 6:10-13.
Esther, in going to the king to save her people, Esth. 4:8, 16; chapters 5-7.
Joseph of Arimathea, in caring for the body of Jesus, Mark 15:43.
Thomas, in being willing to die with Jesus, John 11:16.
Peter and other disciples, Acts 3:12-26; 4:9-13, 19, 20, 31.
The apostles, under persecution, Acts 5:21, 29-32.
Paul, in going to Jerusalem, despite his impressions that bonds and imprisonments awaited him, Acts 20:22-24; 24:14, 25.
See: Boldness of the Righteous; Ministers; Reproof, Faithfulness in; Cowardice.

COURAGE [isbe]

COURAGE - kur'-aj: Hebrew chazaq, "to show oneself strong" (Nu 13:20; 2 Sam 10:12; 1 Ch 19:13; 2 Ch 15:8; Ezr 10:4; Ps 27:14; 31:24; Isa 41:6); ruach, "spirit," "animus" (Josh 2:11 the King James Version); 'amats, "to be alert" (physically and mentally), "to be agile," "quick," "energetic" (Dt 31:6,7,23; Josh 1:6,9,18; 10:25; 1 Ch 22:13; 28:20); lebhabh, "the heart," and figuratively, "person," "spirit" (Dan 11:25); Greek tharsos, "cheer" (Acts 28:15). A virtue highly esteemed among all nations, one of the four chief "natural" (cardinal) virtues (The Wisdom of Solomon 8:7), while cowardice ranks as one of the mortal sins (Ecclesiasticus 2:12,13; Rev 21:8).

Lihat definisi kata "Courage" dalam Studi Kata

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