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NAVE: Concision
EBD: Concision


Concision [nave]

CONCISION, a term for circumcision, Phil. 3:2.

Concision [ebd]

(Gr. katatome; i.e., "mutilation"), a term used by Paul contemptuously of those who were zealots for circumcision (Phil. 3:2). Instead of the warning, "Beware of the circumcision" (peritome) i.e., of the party who pressed on Gentile converts the necessity of still observing that ordinance, he says, "Beware of the concision;" as much as to say, "This circumcision which they vaunt of is in Christ only as the gashings and mutilations of idolatrous heathen."


CONCISION - kon-sizh'-un (katatome, "mutilation," "cutting"): A term by which Paul contemptuously designates the merely fleshly circumcision upon which the Judaizers insisted as being necessary for Gentileconverts (Phil 3:2), as distinguished from peritome, the true circumcision (Phil 3:3). Compare Gal 5:12 and Dt 23:1, and see CIRCUMCISION.

Lihat definisi kata "Concision" dalam Studi Kata

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