bapto <911>

baptw bapto

Asal Mula:a primary word
Referensi:TDNT - 1:529,92
Jenis Kata:v (verb)
Dalam Yunani:baqav 1, baqh 1, baqw 1
Dalam TB:Aku mencelupkannya 1, ia mencelupkan 1, mencelupkannya 1
Dalam AV:dip 3
Definisi : (perfek pasif bebammai) mencelupkan (beba. aimati di dalam darah Why 19.13)
1) to dip, dip in, immerse
2) to dip into dye, to dye, colour
Not to be confused with 907, baptizo. The clearest example that shows
the meaning of baptizo is a text from the Greek poet and physician
Nicander, who lived about 200 B.C. It is a recipe for making pickles
and is helpful because it uses both words. Nicander says that in
order to make a pickle, the vegetable should first be 'dipped'
(bapto) into boiling water and then 'baptised' (baptizo) in the
vinegar solution. Both verbs concern the immersing of vegetables in a
solution. But the first is temporary. The second, the act of
baptising the vegetable, produces a permanent change.

a primary verb; to whelm, i.e. cover wholly with a fluid; in the New Testament only in a qualified or special sense, i.e. (literally) to moisten (a part of one's person), or (by implication) to stain (as with dye): KJV -- dip.
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