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Yeremia 36:22-32

Abdeel : the father of Shelemiah, assistant to King Jehoiakim

Azriel : a head of one of the clans of East Manasseh,father of Jeremoth, David's chief officer over Naphtali,the father of Seraiah, one of King Jehoiakim's officials

Babel : members of the nation of Babylon
(32° 32´, 44° 25´); (30° 57´, 46° 6´); (31° 49´, 35° 17´); (32° 32´, 44° 25´); (30° 57´, 46° 6´)

Barukh : son of Zabbai and a priest repairer of the wall who also pledged to keep the law,son of Col-Hozeh of Judah,son of Neriah; Jeremiah's secretary

Daud : a son of Jesse of Judah; king of Israel,son of Jesse of Judah; king of Israel

Delaya : son of Eli-O-Enai (Hananiah Zerubbabel David Judah),chief of a division of priests serving in David's sanctuary,head of a clan of returnees lacking proof of being Israelites,son of Mehetabel; father of Shemaiah who tempted Nehemiah,son of Shemaiah; a prince of Judah under Jehoiakim

Elnatan : son of Achbor (Judah); father of Nahushta, wife of Jehoiachin,one of the leaders Ezra sent to Iddo to ask for recruits

Gemarya : son of Shaphan; a prince of Judah in the time of Jehoiakim,son of Hilkiah; a Jeremiah's messenger to exiles in Babylon

Neria : father of Baruch, the scribe of Jeremiah

Selemya : a Levite who had charge of the east gate in David's time,a layman of the Binnui Clan who put away his heathen wife,father of Hananiah who repaired part of the wall of Jerusalem,a priestly treasurer over the storehouses under Nehemiah,son of Cushi in Jehoiakim's time; grandfather of Jehudi,son of Abdeel; an officer of King Jehoiakim of Judah,father of Jehucal, messenger of King Zedekiah to Jeremiah,son of Hananiah; father of Irijah, Zedekiah's sentry

Seraya : secretary of King David,a high priest; son of Azariah III,son of Tanhumeth; a militia leader who rallied to Gedaliah,son of Kenaz son of Jephunneh of Judah,son of Asiel; ancestor of a large influential family of Simeon,priest leader of some who returned from exile with Zerubbabel,son of Hilkiah; head of the priestly clan of Immer in Jerusalem,son of Azriel; a prince in the time of Jehoiakim,son of Neriah; quartermaster deported to Babylon with Zedekiah

Yehuda : the son of Jacob and Leah; founder of the tribe of Judah,a tribe, the land/country,a son of Joseph; the father of Simeon; an ancestor of Jesus,son of Jacob/Israel and Leah; founder of the tribe of Judah,the tribe of Judah,citizens of the southern kingdom of Judah,citizens of the Persian Province of Judah; the Jews who had returned from Babylonian exile,"house of Judah", a phrase which highlights the political leadership of the tribe of Judah,"king of Judah", a phrase which relates to the southern kingdom of Judah,"kings of Judah", a phrase relating to the southern kingdom of Judah,"princes of Judah", a phrase relating to the kingdom of Judah,the territory allocated to the tribe of Judah, and also the extended territory of the southern kingdom of Judah,the Province of Judah under Persian rule,"hill country of Judah", the relatively cool and green central highlands of the territory of Judah,"the cities of Judah",the language of the Jews; Hebrew,head of a family of Levites who returned from Exile,a Levite who put away his heathen wife,a man who was second in command of Jerusalem; son of Hassenuah of Benjamin,a Levite in charge of the songs of thanksgiving in Nehemiah's time,a leader who helped dedicate Nehemiah's wall,a Levite musician who helped Zechariah of Asaph dedicate Nehemiah's wall
(31° 42´, 35° 12´); (31° 42´, 35° 12´); (32° 44´, 35° 11´); (31° 46´, 35° 14´)

Yehudi : son of Nethaniah; messenger and scribe of the court of King Jehoiakim

Yerahmeel : son of Hezron of Judah,son of Kish (Mahli Merari Levi); founder of the Jerahmeel sub-clan which was chief of the clan of Kish as recognized by King David,son of Hammelech

Yeremia : a prophet of Judah in 627 B.C., who wrote the book of Jeremiah,a man of Libnah; father of Hamutal, mother of Jehoahaz, king of Judah,head of an important clan in eastern Manasseh in the time of Jotham,a Benjamite man who defected to David at Ziklag,the fifth of Saul's Gadite officers who defected to David in the wilderness,the tenth of Saul's Gadite officers who defected to David in the wilderness,a man from Anathoth of Benjamin; son of Hilkiah the priest; a major prophet in the time of the exile,an influential priest who returned from exile with Zerubbabel, who later signed the covenant to obey the law, and who helped dedicate Nehemiah's wall,one of Saul's Gadite officers who defected to David in the wilderness

Yerusalem : the capital city of Israel,a town; the capital of Israel near the southern border of Benjamin
(31° 50´, 34° 59´); (31° 46´, 35° 14´)

Yoyakim : son of Jeshua; high priest in Ezra and Nehemiah's time

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