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Mazmur 91

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Himne Indonesia

Kidung Jemaat

  • Di Badai Topan Dunia [KJ.440] ( A Shelter in the Time of Storm / The Lords Our Rock )
  • Hai Dengar Tembang Malaikat [KJ.104]
  • Kaulah, ya Tuhan, Surya Hidupku [KJ.405] ( Be Thou My Vision )
  • Tuhan Allah Beserta Engkau [KJ.346]

Himne Inggris

  • [Mzm 91:1] Man Who Once Has Found Abode
  • [Mzm 91:1] My God In Whom I Trust
  • [Mzm 91:1] Now Let Us Come Before Him
  • [Mzm 91:1] O That I Knew The Secret Place
  • [Mzm 91:2] Still Will We Trust
  • [Mzm 91:3] In Grief And Fear, To Thee, O Lord
  • [Mzm 91:3] They Have Gone To The Land
  • [Mzm 91:4] As The Bird Flies Home
  • [Mzm 91:4] Day Is Past And Over, The
  • [Mzm 91:4] Lord, When We Have Not Any Light
  • [Mzm 91:4] Now Rest Beneath Night’s Shadow
  • [Mzm 91:4] Now That The Daylight Dies Away
  • [Mzm 91:4] Now The Day Is Over
  • [Mzm 91:4] Softly The Silent Night
  • [Mzm 91:4] St. Patrick’s Breastplate
  • [Mzm 91:4] The Shadows Of The Evening Hours
  • [Mzm 91:4] To Thee Before The Close Of Day
  • [Mzm 91:5] Before The Ending Of The Day
  • [Mzm 91:5] Day Is Past And Gone, The
  • [Mzm 91:5] Holy Father, Bless Us
  • [Mzm 91:5] In Mercy, Lord, Remember Me
  • [Mzm 91:5] Stars Of Evening Softly Gleaming
  • [Mzm 91:5] This Night, O Lord, We Bless Thee
  • [Mzm 91:9] Because Thy Trust Is God Alone
  • [Mzm 91:9] Ye Sons Of Men, A Feeble Race
  • [Mzm 91:11] All Praise Be To God
  • [Mzm 91:11] Around The Throne Of God A Band
  • [Mzm 91:11] Call Jehovah Thy Salvation
  • [Mzm 91:11] Christ, The Fair Glory Of The Holy Angels
  • [Mzm 91:11] Jesus, Brightness Of The Father
  • [Mzm 91:11] Lord, I Would Own Thy Tender Care
  • [Mzm 91:11] Now All The Woods Are Sleeping
  • [Mzm 91:11] Onward, Christian, Though The Region
  • [Mzm 91:11] Softly Sighs The Breath Of Evening

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